The future of children is always today

The Humikla Foundation is looking for sponsors, to help us give concrete solutions to serious projects. We invite you to be part of this foundation. We hope to count on your support. Thank you!

“The future of children is always today”  –  Gabriela Mistral, Chilean poet.

Our project seeks to contribute, with dedication, responsibility and love, to restore young lives in Chile and the rest of Latin America. Our goal is to gather people that empathize with the present and future of children that have been abused, maltreated and whose rights have been violated. Our effort is to collect economic resources in Europe and in the rest of the world through charity events, campaigns, donations, etc. These resources will be used to provide concrete and real tools to our future generations. We invite you to be part of this project! Our reality demands it; We encourage you to give a little for our children, in a heartfelt way. We hope to count on you!

Fund. Humikla; Created by Carmen Méndez Lavín, Daphne van der Holst, Henk van Dijk and Maria Loreto Amador, The Netherlands July 2016.-


Statuten, beleidsplan & jaarverslagen

Beleidsplan Humikla 2016 versie
Financieel jaarverslag van de stichting Humikla over het jaar 2016
oprichtingsakte HumiKLA dubbelzijdig

Financieel jaarverslag 2017 van de Stichting Humikla

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