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Children’s Home Project – “Victoria’s Home”

Conemi Corp.(legal entity 755 of August 17, 2000 / Res. Sename 04660) is a Children’s Home located in the municipality of Puente Alto in Santiago de Chile. This institution shelters a small number of children in situations of abuse. The Chilean courts derive children that for different reasons cannot be with their parents and/or relatives. In this Children’s Home, children are welcome and are given the necessary attention to overcome the trauma and consequences of this scourge. The small house enabled for this purpose does not cover the high demand and therefore, it is necessary to look for alternatives to help prevent, care for and protect children and the community in general.

The main objective of “Victoria’s Home” will be provide outpatient care specialized in psychological, social, psychopedagogy and spiritual aspects, for children and adolescents living in situations of abuse in any form, in order to interrupt and/or overcome this form of relationship and repair the damage. This work will focus both children and families involved.

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