The future of children is always today

The Humikla Foundation is looking for sponsors, to help us give concrete solutions to serious projects. We invite you to be part of this foundation. We hope to count on your support. Thank you!

The board of Foundation HumikLa



María Loreto Amador – President

I’m Chilean at heart, I also have the Dutch nationality at the request of my Dutch husband. I volunteered for over 20 years with CONEMI Corporation – against child abuse – in Chile, and that led me to seek help in the Netherlands, where I live since 2011. Hence my motivation was born to create with my good friend Carmen, her daughter Daphne and my beloved husband Henk, the HumikLA Foundation; I know the reality of abused children and / or their rights violated. Entire families disintegrated by the scourge of poverty that too often leads to the bad upbringing and education of our youth. I want to see more children grow and develop with the same opportunities that a loved and contended child has, by a society that motivates him or her to give the best, in favor of a better future for themselves, and for everyone.


henkHenk van Dijk – Financial Director

I’m Henk van Dijk, the financial director of the foundation. I was born in 1959 on the Kampereiland. In the past I have gained experience in administrative work at the Christian Farmers youth group, as financial director from Scouting in Bennekom and I was involved in work with the youth group from our church in Arnhem. In Poland, my heart was touched in the way that a small Baptist congregation was helping poor children of alcoholic parents providing a daily simple nutritious meal for these children. My involvement with our Foundation Humikla comes from a deep-rooted feeling that we must help the weaker and less fortunate on our planet. That can by deploying knowledge and experience and organizational skills to give these groups attention and create goals with concrete opportunities for progress for them and to provide the opportunity for a better future. For abused children that may mean they have to live in a safe environment and get specialist help in the treatment of their trauma.

My wife Loreto and I are going to live in Chile and represent the foundation there. Their we can look directly for projects and evaluate and monitor closely the use of the financial expenses of the foundation in Chile. In order to help the abused children in Latin America we need your support. We hope you are willing to help us in the form of financial contributions to our foundation. Together we can build the future of these children. We count on you!



Carmen Méndez Lavín – Vice-Presidentcarmen

I was born in Chile, I was the third of four children. Raised by my mother with the help of relatives. My childhood was normal, quiet, protected, with few problems. I consider myself lucky with my childhood/My job as vice president will represent our foundation in the Netherlands, since I peared here permanently. Therefore, I feel very motivated to volunteer for the foundation so that I can make my contribution to children who have not been so lucky as me.



daphneDaphne van der Holst – Secretary

My name is Daphne van der Holst and I’m the  secretary of foundation HumikLa. I 100% support our foundation, seeing that our primary aim is thay of all our donations go directly to our projects. The largest charities in the world make a lot of money out of their donations or they have to pay a lot of money to government agencies. We do not want this! We ensure that all the money will go directly to the right destination. For this reason I am very exited to contribute to foundation Humikla.


Editorial and translation volunteers

David Alfonso Orellana Fuchs, Designer and Community Manager

david-a-orellana-fMy motivation is to help create instances of assistance, support and a sense of transcendence for vulnerable children and youth of Chile and Latin America, through individual and private initiative, under a motto that I´ve always considered important: “facta non verba” – “facts, not words”.





Orianne Gudenschwager, Chemist

foto-orianneI’m honored and grateful to play a role in this organization that brings hope and care to children who have nowhere else to go for fear of being abused or neglected in their homes. I strongly believe that we all as a community have the responsibility to bring safety to these children and help them to heal and reclaim their lives. Be part of this organization and support its team that works with so much passion and commitment, it is a great opportunity for me to take action and help children to find a shelter, be cared and protected.




“The future of children is always today.”

Gabriela Mistral


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