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WORK IN CHILE YEAR 2017 and Others.

With dedication, seriousness and love, our project seeks to contribute to restore the lives of children in Chile and the rest of Latin America. Our goal is to become an alternative that brings together wills that empathize with the present and future of children abused, mistreated and violated in their rights.
Our effort is to look for economic resources in Europe and the rest of the world, through contributions, events, campaigns, donations, etc., that result in giving concrete and real tools to our future generations.
WORK IN CHILE (January to December 2017)
Already installed in Chile since the end of December 2016, María Loreto Amador – Foundation Director – and her husband Henk van Dijk – Finance Director – have already completed some Projects:
1.- Term House of outpatient attention in Hogar Villa “Conemi”, located in the district of Puente Alto; This project had long been waiting for financial resources to be completed in their building, which already serves children and families from neighboring areas in need of some type of restorative therapy

Children’s Home Project – “Victoria’s Home”

Conemi Corp.(legal entity 755 of August 17, 2000 / Res. Sename 04660) is a Children’s Home located in the municipality of Puente Alto in Santiago de Chile. This institution shelters a small number of children in situations of abuse. The Chilean courts derive children that for different reasons cannot be with their parents and/or relatives. In this Children’s Home, children are welcome and are given the necessary attention to overcome the trauma and consequences of this scourge. The small house enabled for this purpose does not cover the high demand and therefore, it is necessary to look for alternatives to help prevent, care for and protect children and the community in general.

The main objective of “Victoria’s Home” will be provide outpatient care specialized in psychological, social, psychopedagogy and spiritual aspects, for children and adolescents living in situations of abuse in any form, in order to interrupt and/or overcome this form of relationship and repair the damage. This work will focus both children and families involved.

CONEMI is a children’s house, and we are willing to support with the “Victoria´s House Project”, which has the goal to provide daily care and assistance to other children and their families in Puente Alto, a populated district in Santiago, Chile (
Final cost Investment: $ 3,300,000.- (Funds obtained in the Netherlands)
2.- Campaign 1 + 1; 200 Euros were collected in the Netherlands to purchase and donate school supplies to children of “Las Corrientes” School located in the Maule Region. This is because of the fires experienced last year in that region. This contribution was donated in July of this year. The campaign was not successful in Chile.

Delivery of 85 backpacks with school supplies for children from Escuela Januario Espinoza, located in the city of Linares in the 7th Region of El Maule. This will take place in the month of December with money raised in the Netherlands.
4.- Delivery of Christmas gifts to children from low-income families in the cities of Curicó (7th region) and Chiguayante (8th region). This took place in the month of December, before Christmas (day 20 and December 21) thanks to the help of private and the group “NederlandseVereniging in Chili”.
Event: In the Events Center “Casa de Campo La Reina”, located in a beautiful sector of La Reina Alta, a “Dance Show” will be held, where Snack options will be offered plus a bar service with a varied range of alcoholic beverages, juices, beers and others. We already have the donation of + 300 Heineken beers, which will be available to the public at a special price.
* We are preparing an entertaining show to liven up; We will have interesting artists:
Singers / Performers: “Isa Bornau” Franc-Dutch singer and others.
Musical Groups: In conversation with current groups.
Comedy and Stand Up: Reviewing options.
Objective of the Event: Our Project’s main objective is to publicize the work that Chilean-Dutch Institutions and others, perform in Chile and LA, mainly in favor of abused / abused children and the second is to find Sponsor and / or financial contributions that said Institutions need to carry out projects that provide a real and effective solution to the problem of abuse and its disastrous consequences.

María Loreto Amador Letelier Henk van Dijk
Stichting Humikla Director Humikla Finance Director
Ph Mobile: +56 9 42891967 Ph Mobile: *56 9 53875760

Rehobot School, Las Minas de Baruta, in Caracas, Venezuela

In the ‘90s, Hiske and Bartha Engels founded a little school for the children of their neighbourhood. At that time, a group of children came at Engels’s home asking if they could teach them to read and write, because their parents did not have any money to buy books or clothes. These children did not have the means to go to school.

On that year, the school began with its first class of 5 students. Bartha gave them lessons in her house, at her dining table. Today, 24 years later, there are two schools in which more than 124 children with low resources receive education and care.

Hiske and Bartha live since 1973 in Venezuela.

In 1990, they started the Stichting Worldwide Outreach Foundation. They worked for many years in South America, while they also collaborated with other organisations on projects run at Western Europe. WWO was created to provide direct help to people of low resources, or to those who are in urgent need both in material and psychosocial aspects.

This is how it all started..

In addition to the formal education provided by lessons, children also perform Bible reading and enjoy English classes.This project is endorsed by a group of enthusiastic collaborators who contribute the best of themselves.

Yrene Azuaje is the director of the school and kindergarten.

She also provides support to a group of 20-30 children in her neighbourhood. This group of children voluntarily attend activities that are part of a religious community.

It is evident that she is a good person willing to give everything to improve children’s lives.

Stichting Humikla is organising a charity event on the 22nd of January 2017, from which the funds raised will be used to finance the acquisition of baby food/vitamins, to then be sent to Hiske and Bartha Engels organisation.
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