The future of children is always today

The Humikla Foundation is looking for sponsors, to help us give concrete solutions to serious projects. We invite you to be part of this foundation. We hope to count on your support. Thank you!

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We are a non-profit Foundation that seeks to finance projects in Chile and Latin America that provide care to children and adolescents being victims of mistreatment and abuse (physical, psychological, emotional, or even sexual) in their immediate circles or by their adult tutors, in dysfunctional families with episodes of domestic violence.

Stichting Humikla is looking for Sponsors (individuals and / or institutions) which, through donations of money, get motivated and help us to give concrete solutions to serious projects, validated by its Director in Chile, meeting the minimum functionality standards in their places of origin, with the goal of generating instances that could improve the quality of life and education of their attendants, and contribute to better solve the scourge of abuse.

We invite you to be part of this project! Our reality demands it; share this initiative and help us to promote our events. We encourage you to give a little for our children, in a heartfelt way. We hope to count on your support! Thank you!

The Foundation was created in July 2016 in the Netherlands by Maria Loreto Amador Letelier (Chilean- Dutch), her husband Henk van Dijk (Netherlands), Carmen Mendez Lavin (Chilean) and Daphne van der Holst (Dutch)

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